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fuck it:

no one writes anymore.

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I'm a dirtbag by choice.

1984, 60s, adelphi, aim, all animals, apples, aquamarine, arms, autumn, babies, bananas, bath & bodyworks, being smexy, berries, best week ever, better than ezra, big sunglasses, black skinny jeans, books, boys, brat pack, burts bees, carole king, carrot cake, catalyst, catcher in the rye, charlotte's web, cheek bones, chocolate, chunky jewlery, clean smells, coffee, coloring, connie and carla, cookies, cotton, crafts, creative writing, cruel intentions, cussing, cyndi lauper, dave matthews band, david sedaris, dazed and confused, disney, don juan de marco, douchebag, drag queens, drama, dresses, duh, eating, ed in the refrigerators, emily dickinson, emo boys, empire records, english, er, eyes, fag-hags, fahsion, faux crab, faux meat, feathers, fiona apple, flying, fog, food, forest gump, freckles, friends, fuck, fugly, funnies, garage bands, girl interrupted, gorgeous people, gosh, happy, harry and the potters, harry potter, hedwig & angry inch, high school musical, holding, hugging, icing, iggy pop, ipods, jenny owen youngs, jking, jon stewart, justin timberlake, kate nash, kates, kelly clarkson, kicking, kiki's delivery service, kissing, kitties, kurt halsey, lifetime, lily allen, losers, mad tv, madonna, maroon five, marriage, mean girls, microwaving, molly ringwald, mommy, moulin rouge, natasha benningfield, necklaces, nerds, not quite rebels, panic at the disco, perks obaw, pirates, poetry, pokemon, polyphonic spree, pretty in pink, princesses, project runway, prom, purses, queen, queers, rain, regina spektor, romeo and juliet, rum, saved, secrets, shakespeare, skinny boys, skinny jeans, sleep, soft cell, speak, spirited away, the age of rockets, the secrets, the virgin suicides, threatre, vanessa carlton, vegans, vegetarians, weezer.